Why Cat Wall Shelves?

Consider a Cat Furniture Makeover  

Cat wall shelves are modern, stylish and functional cat furniture pieces that add to your modern décor and keep your cat with you in your favorite places in the home. Elevate your cat and take back your precious floor space. Cat wall shelves and steps are modular climbing systems that allow your cat to climb, play and lounge while catering to their natural instincts as in the wild.

Cat wall shelves, steps and floating corner cat trees can help to create a happy and healthy environment for you and your cat. 



  • Loving cat parents are eager to catify their home to create a happy and healthy environment within the home for their feline friends that lend to their basic needs.

  • Catification is a way to enrich your cat’s environment that is also aesthetically pleasing for you. 

  • A cat superhighway is a series of cat climbing wall pieces that allows your cat to move up and around the room without touching the floor.

Cat wall shelves can dramatically increase your cat's domain without compromise to your precious floor space. Create vertical space up and across a room to increase your cats personal space.

  • Provide a more enjoyable and secure environment in multiple cat households by decreasing territorial issues over a single cat tree. Cat wall shelves allow you to be creative and position shelves just about anywhere you want.

  • Wall climbing systems provide a passive source of activity and exercise for your cat. By creating your cat superhighway up and around the room, you can improve your cat's activity.

  • Cats love warmth and cat wall shelves provide an opportunity for your cat to slumber in the warmer areas of your home.

Cat wall climbing systems offer superb space saving options and can express your personal style.

  • Traditional cat trees are big, bulky and take up precious floor space.

  • Cat wall shelves, steps and trees are especially great in smaller rooms, apartments or wherever floor space is not available.

  • Keep your cat with you in the rooms you spend the most time without compromise to your floor space or decor.

  • Cat wall shelves can be placed above and around your furniture without any repositioning of your current floor plan.

Cats appreciate having a space of their own to play and relax without fear of ambush or chase.

  • Sometimes in a multi-pet household, not all pets think of play the same way.

  • Cat wall systems provide a safe and secure place for cats to enjoy above the ground away from other household pets.

  • Cats use vertical spaces to establish social levels. Creating a cat superhighway wall climbing system for your multi-cat household can provide for this natural social need while reducing stress and territorial issues

Cat wall shelves, steps and trees can encourage your cat to engage in more activity.

  • Wall mounted cat climbing systems allow your feline friend to move about the cat superhighway and survey their domain from various vantage points.

  • Interchanging various wall system pieces like cat shelves and cat post steps can provide more stimulating physical and mentally challenging activity.

  • Modular wall systems allow you to be creative in designing the purrfect cat superhighway around furniture, windows and doors which can provide hours of entertainment for your cat and you!

Cat climbing wall systems are a great way for cats to establish their own territory.

  • If you want to keep your cat off your furniture and counters, give them a space of their own to enjoy!

  • When a cat has a space to claim as their own, they are less likely to use your furniture and counters for entertainment.

  • Everyone enjoys a space they don't need to share.

As your need grows, cat wall shelves provide a great option to expand your existing wall system.

  • Start with a few cat wall shelves and expand your cats environment over time.

  • Because cat wall shelves are modular, its easy to add new pieces when you are ready to create your own cat superhighway.

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