What is Catification?


Catification, part art and science, begins with modifying your home to meet the needs of you and your cat.

The art portion is creating spaces that are aesthetically and spatially pleasing to you and fun for your cat. The science part is creating horizontal and vertical spaces will satisfy your cat’s primal instincts and allow them to act as if outdoors. Instinctually, cats love to climb, perch, play, sleep, eat, hunt and claim territory.

To meet these primal needs, you may need to create safe and secure spaces for them to behave like cats in the wild. Sometimes, when cats show behavioral or territorial issues, it may be because some of their basic needs are not being met.

As a responsible pet parent and guardian, we need to provide an outlet to keep their “cat mojo” going! Creating a healthy environment for your cat home begins with catering to their basic needs and providing the necessary outlets to be the happy, confident and secure cat they want to be!

If you are ready to begin your journey, we can help with transforming your walls into a total catification superhighway success!

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