About Us

Welcome to Purrfectly Catastic Creations - Contemporary furniture for your feline friend!

Purrfectly Catastic Creations is a small family operation. We are devoting this shop to our love for our multi-pet families and our new passion of making high quality, contemporary lounge and activity furniture for our feline friends.

Having multiple cats and dogs in the same household (who are somewhat pampered to say the least) the luxury of floor space has become somewhat limited. Every room with multiple cat and dog beds, toy baskets and other favored items. As we looked around for the right pieces of pet furniture, we noticed a common theme of taking up even more floor space with big, bulky cat trees and activity pieces that didn’t add to our décor.

So, we began our journey and took to the walls, corners and ceilings. Since the dogs were not too comfortable going vertically, the cats were on their way up! And so, it began…  

Instinctually, cats love to climb, hunt, stalk and investigate. Our cats immediately took to the new steps, series of shelves and the cat bridge which created our own cat superhighway across the room. They also love the comfort and security of the elevated spaces designed just for them... No Dogs Allowed!

Elevate your feline friends and take back your floor space with functional contemporary cat lounge and activity furniture. We are creating our products in collections for a unified look and feel in any room, while allowing your feline friends to survey their kingdom and claim their own territory. We use stylish contemporary hardware to complete the floating appearance of each piece and giving cats an experience of walking on the wild side!

Thanks for visiting our shop, we hope you enjoy our Purrfectly Catastic Creations!