Why Does My Cat Do That?

Curious about why your cat may be doing certain things?

Here are a couple favorite questions about cat behavior.

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Why does my cat have to sniff the treats I offer before eating them?

Cats will sniff almost everything you put in front of them, even if it is not food. Especially when something is new, they will give it a once over.

Most cat owners do not realize that cats are actually farsighted, have trouble seeing thing up close. They rely on smell and touch when approaching new objects. Because objects in front of them may appear big and blurry, using their nose will help them discover if they should eat it, play with it or just walk away!

The more familiar they are with the smell of a certain treat, the quicker they will eat know if they will enjoy it. This doesn't mean that they don't want a little variety in their treats, everything just needs a good sniff first!

Why does my cat knock things over?

They certainly don't mean to break that new item you just bought. However, they may notice or smell something is new in the house and they are curious why it is there.

Similar to how they react to their own toys, they may approach it, smell it and start to paw at it. Will it play back? Then all of a sudden a good cat swat and there it goes!

Want to change this behavior? Don't bring anything new in your house ever again! Just kidding, the best thing to do is to try to keep your priceless items out of reach from your cat. They are stealthy investigators and will most certainly find anything new or amiss in the house.


Why does My Cat follow me everywhere?

Some cats can be very affectionate toward their owners, sometimes even physically by rubbing on you. 

Cats can follow their owners around the house for many reasons including:

  • They want and like your companionship.
  • They are curious where you are going.
  • You may be going in that room you keep closed to them!
  • Especially at meal times - maybe they are hungry
  • Separation anxiety
  • They are bored and just trying to get your attention (especially if meowing).
  • Other specific or medical issues.

Want to change this behavior?

Ensure that you are not inadvertently rewarding the behavior by giving them attention when following and meowing, or feeding too early or more often than normal.

Try distracting them with toys, food puzzles or playing chase with a toy or laser.

Discuss with your vet if you feel the behavior is not typical or may have an underlying reason.

Personally and most often, I think its pretty great and see it as a sign of affection when they follow me around the house or curl up next to me on the couch.

Why does My Cat play in boxes?

Cats generally do not like or do well with confinement like in cages etc., and will pace back and forth. So why do they love boxes so much?

Sometimes, they just play in boxes because they are bored or curious about that new thing in the middle of the room. 

Cats can get easily stressed out without the proper activity or enrichment. Many scientific studies have provided information that boxes can play a major role in reducing stress and providing much needed activity.

Cats jumping in and out of boxes is very typical of feline hunting behavior where they are able to hide inside the box and jump out in ambush! 


Why does My Cat sleep on its back?
Generally a cat that sleeps on its back is secure, comfortable and happy!

When awake this pose can sometimes indicate submissiveness. They feel safe or want to play (with ears up and facing forward). Bring in a toy or rub their belly for a little interaction.

Be careful, however, this position can also indicate a defensive pose. When on its back, it is able to attack with all four paws and teeth! If ears are flat back against head, or if eyes are dilated or you hear a growl... Look out! These may be signs of aggression or agitation.

Why does My Cat jump on my table or counter?

Cats are curious creatures and love to be up high. This gives them the best vantage point to view their kingdom. Also, they like to keep an eye on their human and see what they are doing!

Want to change this behavior? There are many anecdotes out there to keep a cat from jumping on certain furniture. Another one is to give your cat a new space with a view that they can claim as their own!

Cats like to climb and be up high. This gives them a sense of security above predators (especially other household pets). A new cat tree, wall shelves or hammock may be a solution to allow your cat to be up high and survey everything around them.


We hope you enjoyed these cat behaviors!

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