New Year Resolutions for your Cat!

As 2020 approaches, it's time to think about New Year Resolutions for your Cat! Here's our top 10!


1. Eat Better!

A person pours cat food into a dish

A well balanced diet is important. Measure food every time to help keep your cat at a healthy weight.

2. Treat More!

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Who doesn't like treats?

Treats are a great way to show your cat some love, interact with them and maybe even teach them a new trick.

Be careful not to over do it!  Keep the treats small so that you can treat more often!

3. Play!

Image result for cats playing

Playtime is important!

The new year is a great time to exchange out some of the old toys for new ones ... or maybe a left-over holiday box?

Playtime is a great time to interact with your cat!


4. Take more naps!

The harder you play, the more sleep you need!

Maybe it's time for a fluffy new cat bed?


5. Exercise more!

Image result for cats exercising

As funny as some of the cat memes are ... it's no joke that many of our household pets are over weight.  

Take your cat on a walk (with a harness) or maybe try cat yoga?

6. Make new Friends!

Image result for cat friends

Is it time to introduce a new family member or reconnect with an old friend!

Two are better than one!

7.  Get Pampered more!


Grooming is an essential part of a healthy coat and a great time to show some love!

8. Check ID tags, collars, etc!

Image result for keep cat up to date tags

Check that your cat collar is fitting properly or splurge for a new one in a bright color! 

Check that your cat has up to date info on their tags!

9. Be Well!

Image result for cat vet check

Schedule a wellness check. 

It's important to keep your cat up to date on exams and vaccines.

10.  Stay Pawsitive!

Image result for pawsitive cat

Make 2020 the year to keep that Pawsitive Catitude!



Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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